Along with audio, your encoder/on-demand content is also able to deliver/contain metadata. This simply means "data about the data". You will come across this term in regard to both live streams and on-demand content.


Metadata for Live Streams

In regards to live streams, metadata could be information (sent alongside your audio) about the music playing on your station or the show that is broadcasting. It could just show your station's slogan, web address or social media handles. Metadata can be displayed by a number of Internet Radio players and can be retrieved manually to display on your station's website. 

[2020-01-07 09:21:16] INFO admin/command_metadata Metadata song on /yourmount.mp3 set to "Fangclub - Viva Violent"

SharpStream live player displaying song Metadata.


"Metadata song" field as it appears in Encoder/Metadata log (top) and SharpStream Live "Playall" Player (below).

Metadata can also be used to trigger mid-roll ads for programmatic monetisation. If you are interested in monetisation, contact us.

You can programme metadata in the playout system or the encoder itself. 

To check metadata is being received, head to Portal and look at the Encoder and Metadata Log or see the metadata that is currently being sent listed alongside 'Metadata on Ingress' on your Stream Page.

Metadata for On-Demand Content

Metadata can also be found in on-demand items in Timbre. In this context, "metadata" refers to the data encapsulated within the MP3 file itself. This can include the following: Title, Artist / Author, Album, Genre, Podcast, Date / Year, Publisher, Comment, and Copyright. You can manage metadata for an asset on its Storage page.

Above shows all available metadata fields for an MP3 file. These are mainly applicable if your listeners download your content for offline listening