Radar and the legacy Analytics console display data in different ways and make use of different filters. This means that a 100% match is not possible. While we appreciate that change is difficult, we made the decisions on the data to filter based on industry best practices and customer feedback. 

The key changes in how data is filtered include bot management, session identification, session validation considerations and the databases used to identify user agents. 

Radar has two easy filtering options. All Sessions includes sessions over one second and have no filtering applied for bots. Qualified Sessions have a minimum duration of 1 minute and excludes all known bots. You can find this data filtering tool as shown in the screenshot below:


The decision of what data is most relevant to you depends heavily on the metrics tracked. All Sessions will achieve closer parity with the legacy analytics platform, while Qualified Sessions closely follow IAB guidelines and industry best practices. 

To see how key metrics in Radar are calculated, please visit our Key Metrics article.