Your premium stream failover and fallback behaviour can be finely tuned to suit your preferences. You can choose to alter under what conditions your stream fails over to the backup mechanism, as well as how your stream will recover to your live encoder feed once the cause of the failover has been resolved.

Changes to premium stream failover and fallback behaviour can only actioned upon request through SharpStream. If you would like to change any of the available values, please raise a ticket by sending an email to 

These are the values that can be changed:


The values below dictate under which conditions your stream will move to a backup solution. You can choose to have your stream failover to your backup solution on encoder disconnection, encoder silence or both.

Silence Duration Threshold

Default value: 20s

This is the maximum duration (in seconds) that the encoder source is allowed to be silent before the system considers it as silent and triggers your failover mechanism.


Default value: 10

The timeout parameter represents the duration (in seconds) before the encoder or stream is considered disconnected or inactive.

If you would like to learn more about what the values mean and what other values apply to your default streaming configuration, please visit our helpful article: What are the default thresholds for premium feeds?


The fallback option below dictates under which conditions your stream will revert back to your primary stream once your stream has been determined to be audible and healthy. 

Reconnection behaviour

You can choose to either have your feed fail back to your primary feed once the current song has elapsed, or immediately once stability has been observed on the primary stream. 

For backup playlists containing individual songs, the option to have the listener moved to the primary stream once the song has finished may produce a smoother listening experience. If using a compilation playlist (a single file containing multiple songs), this option will cause the user to stay on backup for the duration of the compilation playlist and would, therefore, not be recommended.