In order to change the content of your backup emergency audio for your premium stream, you will need to log in to Timbre and edit your backup feed.

New content should be added to Timbre as items and then added to the feed associated with your live feed. This article outlines the steps required.

If you do not have access to Timbre, please contact customer support in order to change the content of your backup playlist, or set up an account for you.


Creating an Item

You can create a new Item to add to your backup playlist by heading to the Items tab in Timbre, clicking on the +New Item button, and entering the required information. 

If you would like more information on how to create an Item in Timbre, please follow our helpful guide: Creating Items.

From the Timbre landing page, navigate to Live Feeds where you will be able to see the feed associated with your Live Feed.

Live Feeds

Click on the "assigned feed" for the Live Feed you want to edit to access the Feed Information page (each live feed corresponds to one of your premium-streaming stations). 

Expanding the Items dropdown on the feed edit page will show all content currently assigned to your backup playlist by default. In order to assign an Item to this Feed, click on the dropdown showing Contained in Feed and select Not Contained in Feed. This will show all Items that are not contained in the current Feed. 

You can filter the Items not contained in the Feed by typing the name of the Item you want to add in the Name field shown above. Selecting one, or multiple Items with the multi-select feature, the option to Assign to Feed will appear. 

Click on Assign to Feed with your selected Items highlighted to add them to your Feed. Finally, click on Update in the floating banner at the bottom of the screen to implement these changes. 

The changes made to your backup playlist will take up to 10 minutes to reflect on your stream.