Portal Ingest Watch is a direct line to the status of your stream and informs the notifiables that you receive. The Ingest Watch provides detailed information about the timing of incidents as well as more information about the type of incident. 

Ingest Watch also affords you additional management tools in regards to incidents and notifiables, allowing you to acknowledge incidents which will stop further escalation notifications. This article will guide you on how to make use of this tool.

You can find the Ingest Watch for your station on the Stations page.


How Incidents Relate to Notifiables

Incidents found in Ingest Watch inform the notifiables you receive, if notifiables are set up for your stream. If the incident matches the thresholds set in a notifiable's preferences, a notification will be directed to that notifiable's source.

If there is no incident in the Ingest Watch for your stream, no notifiable for an incident will be sent. 

If you would like to learn how to add notifiables for your stream, please visit Creating Automated Notifications for Stream Incidents

Managing Notifiables

When setting up notifiables, you have the option to receive escalation notifications which will notify you of continued disruptions to your streams based on the time threshold set.

If you would no longer require escalation notifications for a particular incident, you can simply acknowledge or remove the incident in Ingest Watch in order to silence further escalation notifications.

In order to acknowledge or remove an incident in ingest watch, you can navigate to your station in Portal where you will find the Ingest watch on the right of your screen. The checkmark in the bottom right of an incident allows you to acknowledge the incident and thus silence escalation notifications. A similar result can be achieved by clicking on the red X in the top right of the incident. However, this action will also remove the incident from the Ingest Watch View. 

Removing an incident from Ingest Watch will delete the history of this incident. Any future exports of incidents will not include this event.