On initial setup, your premium feeds will contain the following default thresholds for buffer, max blank, silence threshold, timeout and fade. If these do not match your preferred setup, contact our support team to request a change.


Default Duration: 10s

The buffer refers to the amount of time (in seconds) that is allocated for storing audio data before it is processed or played back. It helps to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted stream by allowing a small buffer of audio data to be collected before it is consumed.

Silence Duration Threshold:

Default Duration: 20s


This is the maximum duration (in seconds) that the encoder source is allowed to be silent before the system considers it as silent. This threshold helps to identify when a stream has no audio content or when there is an extended period of silence during the broadcast. If the duration of silence exceeds this threshold, the system marks the stream as silent and triggers the failover process.

Silence Threshold: 

Default Minimum Volume: -40dB

The silence threshold is a level (in decibels) below which audio is considered to be silent. It determines the minimum audio level required for a stream to be considered active and not silent. If the audio level falls below this threshold, it suggests that there is no significant audio content present. If that persists for the length of the silence duration threshold, then the failover process will be triggered


Default Duration: 10s

The timeout parameter represents the duration (in seconds) before the encoder or stream is considered disconnected or inactive. If no data is received from the encoder within this time frame, it indicates that the encoder may have encountered an issue or has stopped transmitting and the failover process is applied. 


Default Duration: 6.0

Fade refers to an audio fading effect applied when switching sources. The "duration" parameter specifies the length of time (in seconds) over which the fading effect occurs. This fading effect can be used to smoothly transition between active audio sources and silence, preventing abrupt cut-offs.