Notifiables allow your team to receive notifications via SMS, Email, Microsoft Teams or Slack if there are any incidents reported by our ingest servers relating to your contribution feeds.

Creating Notifiables

To set up notifications, head to the Notifiables tab on the Station page and click the "+" button.


A window will appear showing you the available configurable options for your notification. You can configure the options as follows:

Notifier Name (required): a name to help identify this notifiable.

Notification Type (required): a platform for receiving notifications. 

  • Email: once selected, add a valid email address in the box below (no Portal account required)
  • SMS: once selected, add a valid mobile number in the box below with the country code (e.g +44 for the UK)
  • Slack: once selected, add a webhook in the box below
  • MS Teams: once selected, add a webhook in the box below

SMS notifiables have a minimum outage -and silence threshold of 30 minutes. 

Out-of-Hours: times in which you do not want to receive any notifications. If you want 24/7 notifications, select "Always notify me".

Outage Thresholds (Recommended Value: Enabled; 1 min): set what duration of incidents will trigger an alert. You can set different configurations for silence and an outage. Use the sliders to determine the thresholds you wish to set. These are set in increments of 1 minute (i.e an outage value of 6 means disconnections that are 6 mins or longer will trigger an alert).

Escalations (Recommended Value: Enabled; 15 min): If escalations are set, you will receive a follow-up alert for an unacknowledged or unresolved incident x minutes after the initial alert. Use the slider to determine this value. Click "Disabled" if you do not wish to receive escalation alerts.

Instability Notifications (Recommended Value: Enabled): If your encoder disconnects more than twice in a 10 min period, it will be flagged as "unstable" for at least ten mins after the last disconnection. Choose whether to enable or disable notification alerts when these incidents are triggered.

Consent (Mandatory): Ensure you (and the notifiable recipient if you are setting this up on someone's behalf) have read and agree to our GDPR Policy and click the checkbox to consent.

Silence is when your encoder is connected but no audio is being sent and an outage is when your encoder disconnects from the mount entirely.

Managing Notifiables

When you have saved your notification you will see it in the notifiables list. You can edit a notification at any time by clicking "edit" or you can delete it by clicking the red bin icon (provided you have the correct user privileges). Deleting Notifiables will stop any notifications from potential future incidents from being sent to that destination. If ongoing incidents are taking place, they will continue to follow escalation rules until the incident is acknowledged in the Ingestwatch panel.  

You can set as many notifiable instances as you need. Email addresses used for email notifiables do not need to be associated with a Portal account. Please ensure that if you are setting up a notifiable on behalf of someone else that they agree to our GDPR policy.