In addition to the analytics supplied by our Radar service, which you can access via the Timbre UI. Your podcast feed's listener behaviour can also be tracked with any third party service that supports an RSS prefix integration (sometimes referred to as a "prepend"). Here are some examples of the popular services we support and the links to the documentation where you can retreive the respective appropriate prefix links: 

Adding the link to your Timbre Podcast.

Once you have retrieved the appropriate prefix/prepend URL from your analytics provider, adding it to your podcast in Timbre is very simple. Navigate to the management page of the podcast you wish to analyse. From the settings tab, scroll down and and locate the "Media URL Prefix" field under "Advanced Timbre Settings". 

Paste the URL from the analytics service into this field and click "Update Podcast" to save your changes.

While SharpStream's Radar service uses industry-standard log analysis practices when compiling reports, it should be noted that other services may interpret data differently, including more strict or relaxed filtering for session duration and "bots". 

Some third party services may utilise cookies to retrieve demographic data insights. SharpStream is not responsible for the data practices of any third party services you enable in the prefix/prepend field.