The URL Tracking report in Radar displays session data broken down by platform via URL queries appended to the listener's stream link. This allows you to gain accurate insights as to where your listeners' streaming sessions have come from without relying on the interpretation of user agents or referrer domains from the stream logs which may not provide the full picture. 

To start tracking URLs you will need to update the streaming URLs that are in situ on your chosen distribution players, websites and device directories.

Where you may be using a listen link that looks something like the following...

... to add URL tracking you can replace this with the same URL with an added query at the end in the format ?platform={tracking.value} (where {tracking.value} is the string for the particular platform you are updating). Recognised tracking values for the services we support are listed at the bottom of this article.

For example, to update the URL listed previously on Radioplayer's mobile app platform to track listeners you would use the following format:

Appending this parameter does not affect the end user's listener experience, nor does it require any additional consent on the user's part.

URL Tracking only works with the parameters and platforms listed below. If there is a platform not listed that you would like to track through the URL Tracking feature, you can utilise the generic 3rd Party Aggregator strings. If any additional platform tracking values are required, please contact our support team.

URL Tracking Parameters
URL Formatting: listen-{customer}{}?platform={tracking.value}
PlatformTracking Value
Amazon RSKamazon_rsk
Amazon Developer Skillamazon_ds
Google Nestgoogle_nest
Apple Home Podapple_pod
iOS Appios_app
Android Appandroid_app
Amazon Firefire_app
RadioPlayer Webradioplayer_web
RadioPlayer Appradioplayer_app
Smart TVsmart_tv
3rd Party Aggregator3p_agg_01
3rd Party Aggregator3p_agg_02
3rd Party Aggregator3p_agg_03
3rd Party Aggregator3p_agg_04
BBC Soundsbbc_sounds
Global Playerglobal
Bauer PlanetRadiobauer