The first step in syndicating your podcast is locating your RSS feed in Timbre. This RSS feed is used to relay your podcast information to the syndicator.

Timbre automatically keeps your RSS feed up-to-date with any changes and additions you make.

You can find your podcast RSS link in any of the "Share" dropdown menus found across Timbre. Simply head to the Podcasts page, the Podcast Management page or the Sharing tab on the Podcast Management page. 

Submitting your Podcast to iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is restricted to the regions listed below, if you are not in one of these regions you will not be able to proceed with the steps listed here without a VPN routing to one of these regions: 

-The United States
-New Zealand

Step 1: Create/log into your iHeart Radio account.

Navigate to the iHeart Radio login/sign-up page and either log in or create a new account. After logging in, click on Add your Podcast.

Step 2: Submit your RSS feed to iHeart Radio.

Add your RSS URL, complete the CAPTCHA, and then click on Verify Podcast RSS

Step 3: Verify podcast information, and accept the terms and conditions

Step 4: Verify podcast ownership via email sent

You can now manage your podcast on iHeart Radio through the dashboard.