Terminology on Radar have been limited to podcasts and episodes. For broadcast users, please note that podcasts also mean feeds and episodes also mean items.

In Radar, data source refers to the customer, podcast or episode for which to display analytics. You can change the data source at any point, but you must be a user on Timbre associated with the data source you wish to view.

On Radar, you can use the data source selection tool to add more shows to the data displayed. Simply click in the area shown below to open the associated selection modal. 

The data source selection modal will allow you to view all Customers, Podcasts and Episodes associated with your account on Timbre. 

After selecting one or more data sources to include in the data shown, click on Apply to effect the changes. On your dashboard, you will now see cumulative analytics for your selection. 

If you would like to provide access to an additional member of your team, please consult our Multi-User Management article to guide you through the user creation process.