In Radar, data source refers to the customer or station for which to display analytics. You can change the data source at any point, but you must be a user on Portal for the data source you wish to view.

You can view data for up to 40 stations at the same time.

On Radar, you can use the data source selection tool to select a specific station to view data. Simply click in the area shown below to open the associated selection modal. 

The data source selection modal will allow you to view all stations associated with your account on Portal. Use the search tool if you have a long list of stations. To see all the data for your customer account, select "Customers" in the dropdown.

You can view mount-specific data in the Mountpoints section found in the Technology tab.

After selecting one or more stations to include in the analytics shown, click Apply to effect the changes. You will now see cumulative analytics for the data source selected on the dashboard. 

If are unable to find a station, you are likely not a user for that station. Please visit our How to Add a New User in Portal support article.