Radar provides an extensive range of options to allow you to refine the data displayed across the analytics console. By default, Radar displays sessions over one minute (referred to as "Qualified Sessions") you can also choose to view all sessions. This article will guide you in using these filtering options.


If you need a reminder on what the metrics seen on Radar entails, please visit our Key Metrics article.

Changing the Date Range

To change the date range for the data displayed, click on the Date Range modal as shown below.

Clicking on the date range will open a modal indicating the current date range selected. You can manually select your new date range or choose from one of the preset options shown. After selecting your date range on the calendar, click on Apply to effect the changes. 

If you are reporting monthly on your station, you can select Previous month and add the URL to your bookmarks for convenient access. 

Changing Data Dimensions

Within the filtering tool, you will find options to further modify the analytics displayed based on the country, region, device, platforms and mountpoints available. The filter button is located below the profile icon in the top right of the screen.

Remember to click on 'Apply' in the filter modal after you have selected your filter criteria.

Filtering Based on Country

Filter all data based on the listener's country.

Filtering Based on Region

Filter all data based on the listener's region.

Filtering Based on Device

Filter all data based on the listener's device.

Filtering Based on Platform

Filter all data based on the listener's platform.

Filtering Based on Mountpoint

Filter all data based on the mountpoint selected.

Filtering Based on Day of Week

Filter all data based on the day of week selected.

Filtering Based on Hour of Day

Filter all data based on the hour(s) of day selected.

Same filter types behave as OR statements while different types behave as AND statements. 

For example, selecting the country Malta and the country Greece will show traffic from both these countries, but adding the Scotland region as a filter will show no data as no traffic can be from (Malta OR Greece) AND Scotland.  

Viewing All Sessions

By default, Radar displays data on Qualified Sessions (sessions lasting more than one minute). To display all sessions, click on the icon displaying "Qualified sessions" and select "All sessions".