Caster allows you to record your stream output directly to a USB flash drive, giving you a great quality recording of your session right away, wherever you are without the need for a secondary recording device. To do this, make sure you have a good-quality USB drive.

We recommend using a USB 3.0 drive to ensure the bounce down of your recording to the drive is speedy.

  1. Before streaming, plug your drive into the unused USB port on the front face of the unit. Ensure your drive is formatted as MS-DOS (FAT32). Do not attempt to remove the card in the top port.

2. Activate a profile on Caster which has USB Recording enabled.

3. Ensure the interface has indicated that the flash drive has been recognised before commencing your stream.

4. Start your stream as usual and Caster will begin recording the stream output.

5. When your streaming session has finished, stop the encoding instance and wait until prompted before removing the flash drive.

6. Your recorded session file(s) will be saved to your drive under a folder named “recordings”.