The recur until date allows scheduled recordings to run for a predetermined time. Editing the recur until date will allow users to extend this date. This article will provide the necessary steps to accomplish this. 

Due to a known software limitation, editing a recur until date will cause the recording to run as soon as the alteration has been confirmed. This recording will need to be manually deleted in order to avoid customer automations from importing this item to your website. 


How to Edit Recur Until Dates

Accessing the Edit modal

Timbre Scheduler offers users two methods with which to access the Edit modal used to edit the Recur Until date for recurring scheduled recordings. 

Calendar View

Click on any event in the Calendar view when on the Scheduler tab in Timbre to view the event information. Click on Edit in the event information modal that appears. 

Recurring Events tab

Head to the Recurring Events tab in Scheduler where you will be able to select one or multiple recurring events to edit. Selecting an event will show the Edit button which, when selected, will display the Edit modal. 

Modifying the Recur Until Date

The event editing modal provides users with a drop-down menu containing various options for values to edit. Select the Date & Time option to access the Recur Until date. 

With the Date & Time option selected, you will now see the Recur Until date. Select your chosen date for the recording event to stop recurring. Clicking on confirm will implement these changes and close the modal, after which a success message will appear.