Here you will find instructions to successfully implement a local solution for observed silence events.

Ingest-Audio and Ingest-Premium Customers

Ingest-audio and ingest-premium customers can use an ambient noise file (>-40dB) prepared to play out instead of silence: This is typical practice for stations given the number of automated fallbacks that tend to be in place at FM transmission sites or DAB Muxs. This could be a cityscape or birdsong or similar, just ensure your file exceeds -40dB and this will not be flagged as silence. For ingest-premium customers this will not trigger your existing fallback behaviour.

Ingest-Premium Customers

In addition to having an ambient noise file playing out on stream ingest-premium customers also have the option to make use of their existing fallback behaviour to play out their chosen file by replacing their existing audio in their backup playlist. If you do not plan to play an ambient file at the time of the silence, then your silent encoder feed will trigger a fallback to your backup feed. If your backup feed is set to play out music or backup audio, replace this audio with a silence file in Timbre. Ensure the backup content has been reloaded prior to the time of silence so the silence file takes hold.

If you would like to learn how to change the content of your backup feed in Timbre, please visit our support article title How can I change my backup audio (premium)?

The Two Minutes Silence audio attached may only be used for Remembrance Sunday and other official silences.  

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