When experiencing an incident on your stream, there are two sources of information that can be used to identify service outages, the SharpStream Announcements page, and DownDetector. 

SharpStream Announcements Page

SharpStream logs all active incidents affecting our services on our Announcements Page. The Announcements Page is continually updated during an incident, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information as to the status and resolution of the incident. 


DownDetector is a valuable online tool designed to help customers investigate service disruptions. By aggregating user reports, it offers real-time insights into the status of various online services, including internet providers. Users can quickly check if an ongoing issue is widespread or localised, aiding in identifying the root cause of disruptions. While it relies on user reports and might not capture every incident, DownDetector serves as a useful initial step in troubleshooting and understanding service outages.

DownDetector is a complementary, third-party tool that can be used alongside SharpStream's other monitoring tools. SharpStream is in no way affiliated with DownDetector and has no control over the content or accuracy of information shown.