If you've completed all the steps to set up your streaming profile but have trouble getting your stream connected, here are some troubleshooting checkpoints to help you diagnose the issue.

Check your stream settings

Make sure the credentials on the active profile match up with the credentials listed in Portal, and ensure they are spelt correctly. (Tip: Keep an eye out for stray spaces " " at the end of your mount info!)

If you're not sure where to locate your mount credentials, check out this helpful article: Where can I find the mount information for encoder contribution?

Also, ensure that your active profile has the expected reconnect setting. If this is set to "OFF" the unit will not automatically connect when powered on.

Check your network settings

In the Caster Network Settings, check that it has remembered the correct wifi network. If you are connecting over ethernet, ensure the connection address on the network page is correct. 

Make sure your network firewall settings permit connections to the SharpStream network on the port your mount is listed against.

Also, make sure your network speed is capable of handling the quality of audio you plan to stream. If you are seeing frequent drops or high latency, consider reducing the bitrate of your stream in your profile settings. 

For our full stream troubleshooting guide, see our help article here: How can I fix my stream?

Attempt a reboot

If the above troubleshooting actions do not work, reboot the Caster unit. Remove the power cable for at least 10 seconds then plug in the unit again.

If you continue to have issues, contact our support team.