If you have a mobile app with Aiir, you have the option to enable user tracking. You can use the data gathered from Aiir and pass it to the ad server to get better-targeted ads inserted on user sessions. 

On the "Streams" page of the Aiir UI, insert your SharpStream listen-link into the Stream URL fields as normal, then append the following URL parameter and value:


Your URL should look something like this: 


If you're not sure where to find your stream link, take a look at our help article here: How do I share my stream with listeners?

The [adid] value will be auto-replaced by Aiir with device-specific data from app tracking (if enabled).  This overrides the auto-generated listenerId AdsWizz would usually create and gives the ad server more user data to better target ads.

For information on how to enable mobile app tracking in Aiir, please visit Aiir's support centre.