This article will guide you through the steps needed to successfully enable your podcast website.

For more information on what a podcast website is, and what it can do for you, please refer to Introducing Podcast Websites.

Once you have created a podcast in Timbre, you can enable a podcast website for it.

If you would like a more in-depth explanation of how to create a podcast, please visit our helpful support article, How to Create a Podcast in Timbre.

Enabling a Podcast Website

Navigate to your Podcast 

Once your podcast is set up, or if you already have one, head to the "Podcasts" section through the sidebar and click "Manage" under your chosen podcast. 

Navigate to the Website Tab

Once you have accessed your podcast, navigate to the Website tab from where you will see a welcome message prompting you to enable your Podcast Website. 

Enabling the Podcast Website allows this podcast to be included in your podcast library on the website. In order for all of your podcasts to be listed, you will need to enable them individually. 

After you "Enable Website" you will be shown new options. The Name and Description Override fields will be covered below. If you would simply like to view the current podcast on your website, or your website homepage, click on View Podcast or View Homepage respectively. 

Name and Description Override

The Name and Description Override feature allows you to assign a different name and description to your podcast without changing the name and description of your podcast itself. These overridden fields will only be visible on the Podcast Website.


The Name and Description Override will replace any changes you have made to the name or description of a podcast. Thus, these changes will not reflect on your website. To ensure that these changes reflect, please clear the Name and Description Override fields and update your podcast. 

If changes to your podcast are not appearing on your website, please consult our helpful support article: Why haven't my changes in Timbre appeared on my Podcast Website?