When altering a field in an episode of your podcast, these changes can sometimes take a while to reflect on your Podcast Website. Here are some troubleshooting tips, and common issues that may occur.

Please note: It may take up to 5 minutes for these changes to reflect on your Podcast Website.

Browser Caching Issues

Sometimes, your web browser might show a cached version of your website, which doesn't include the recent changes you've made. To see if this is the problem, try clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page.

If you are unsure of how to clear your cache, please follow this short guide:

Chrome: Click the three dots in the top-right corner, go to 'More Tools' > 'Clear Browsing Data' > 'Cached Images and Files', and then 'Clear Data'.

Firefox: Click the menu button (three lines in the top-right corner), choose 'Options' > 'Privacy & Security' > 'Cookies and Site Data' > 'Clear Data'.

Safari: Click 'Safari' in the menu bar, select 'Preferences' > 'Advanced' > 'Show Develop menu in menu bar'. Then go back to the 'Safari' menu and choose 'Empty Caches'.

Unsaved Changes

Please ensure that you have clicked on "Update Podcast" after you have made any changes to a Podcast. 

If you navigate away from a page where modifications were made without clicking "Update Podcast," those changes will not be saved.

Name Override and Description Override

Your Podcast Website will not display changes made to the episode name or description if the Name or Description Override fields in the Website tab for that podcast are in use.