The UUID Timbre generates when you create a podcast doubles up as the ad collection ID. This is used by monetisation partners to identify and assign programmatic ad inventory. 

When you set up a programmatic campaign with a monetisation partner, you will be asked to provide this. This article will detail where you can find this information.

If your monetisation agreement has been arranged through us via our SharpStream Partners or Long Tail Monetisation agreements, you will provide these details to your SharpStream account manager to set up podcast monetisation on your behalf.

The easiest way of finding this UUID is by navigating to your podcast management page. 

The podcast UUID will appear in the search bar of your browser when you are on the "Manage" page. Copy this section to your clipboard and send it to your monetisation partner. This will then enable the monetisation zones you have agreed to enable with the partner (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll or any combination of the three) against all episodes in this podcast.

Ensure you copy the full ID including hyphens.