In Timbre, your artwork sits alongside your audio content within podcasts and episodes. These images can appear in your embedded content through Timbre Player or can be sent to third-party apps and podcast hosts (as well as being recalled through the API if this is included in your Timbre plan).

Artwork undoubtedly plays a huge role in the on-demand audio space. It can help your content stand out in the crowd, catch a listener's eye and convey important information about your content at a glance.

Managing your artwork in Timbre's artwork library will help streamline your workflow when creating new podcasts and episodes.


Adding Artwork

To view your artwork library, head to "Artwork" in the sidebar. To upload new files, drag and drop the images you would like to add from your file browser to the dropzone (alternatively, you can click the dropzone to open up your file browser). We recommend using JPG images for the best compatibility across the web.

Image uploads must be 5Mb or less to upload to your library successfully. 

Podcast artwork must meet the following criteria:

- Square image between 1400px and 3000px in width/height.
- PNG or JPG/JPEG format (with .png, .jpg, or .jpeg file extension)
- RGB colour space

Renaming and tagging artwork

To rename your artwork, hover over the image in your library to reveal the following options:

Delete artwork

Edit artwork name/tags

Copy artwork URL to the clipboard

To edit your artwork's name and add tags, click the pencil icon to open the below screen:

To add tags simply type the tag you wish to add and click enter to apply it. Any existing tags that match what you're typing will appear in the dropdown. Click the "X" next to any tag to remove it.

When you have saved your edits. The tags associated with your artwork will now appear while hovering over it.

Library Filtering and Searching

You can filter your artwork library by tag to easily find all of your images. Simply click the "pick a tag" dropdown and select the tag for the items you are looking for.

To search for a specific item, use the search name box and click "Search". Use the sort-by column to arrange your search by name or date.

Banner Artwork

Banner artwork will be presented alongside the podcast artwork. Syndicators such as Apple Podcasts use banner artwork within their platform as a feature. Banner artwork can also be used when setting up your podcast website through Timbre. 

Banner artwork criteria:

- Image aspect ratio of 1:1.5
- PNG or JPG/JPEG format (with .png, .jpg, or .jpeg file extension)
- RGB colour space