Season and episode information helps syndicators better display your content based on those indicators. Season and Episode information is only valid when a podcast is created as a serial-type podcast. This article will provide you with information to help you add this information to your podcast.

If you would like to read more on serial and episodic podcast types, you can learn more on this support article.

Serial-Type Podcasts

Specifying 'serial' will have the podcast syndicator arrange your episodes and seasons from oldest to newest. You also have the option to organise your episodes into seasons. The serial type will arrange the content within your seasons from oldest to newest while displaying the newest season first. Serial-type podcasts are conducive to long-form storytelling, narratives, thematic seasons, etc.

You are able to change your podcast type by navigating to the settings tab when managing your podcast.

Adding Season and Episode Information

The season and episode options are only available when creating an episode for a podcast that is set to serial type.

When creating a new episode or managing an existing episode, you can simply scroll down below the description box where you will find Season No. and Episode No. You can populate these fields with your chosen season and episode number in order to have it displayed as such by your podcast syndicator.

Some syndicators only show season numbers when there is more than one season.