This article will guide you in the process of linking your Mixcloud account to Timbre.


Adding Your Mixcloud Account

To add a Mixcloud account, head to preferences -> other settings and click Mixcloud. Click on “view Mixcloud profile”. If you do not have a Mixcloud account attached to your Timbre account, you will be directed to to log in to your account and authorize Timbre. Click "authorize" to complete the setup.

Once authorized, you will be able to view your Mixcloud account in Timbre. Any uploads that exist in your Mixcloud account will be listed under “Mixcloud Items”.

Linked Mixcloud accounts will be visible and accessible to all users with access to the account. This means that they will be able to upload to Mixcloud via Timbre. You can suppress users’ abilities to create Mixcloud uploads in User Permissions (see Multi-User Management).

Adding Content to Mixcloud

There are two ways to add content from Timbre to the linked Mixcloud account: You can designate tags to sync to Mixcloud or you can select and sync items directly from the items page.

Once an item is “linked” to Mixcloud, any edits to the item in Timbre (except deletion) will update the corresponding information in the associated Mixcloud upload. The title, tags, and description fields are all synchronized with Mixcloud. Any chapters associated with the Item will be added to the Mixcloud upload under the tracklist.

Using tags to sync to Mixcloud

To link an item via tags, head to preferences -> other settings -> Mixcloud and add a “Mixcloud Tag”. By default, the tag “Mixcloud” is automatically designated to link items to Mixcloud and any tags added here will have the same effect when applied to an item.

When saved, once you add the Mixcloud tag to an item it will automatically create the upload in Mixcloud. The tags you have added to the item (including the Mixcloud tag) will be added as tags to the upload.

Manually sync items to Mixcloud

Alternatively, you can select items from the item page using the checkboxes down the left-hand side of the item list and select Mixcloud -> Upload from the options.

If the item is unpublished, it will not upload to Mixcloud until its status is Published. This allows you to schedule a time for the upload to be triggered by setting a publish date for the item (uploads may be delayed, depending on the API load. See note below). 

You will receive an email notification from Mixcloud (to the account holder’s email address) when the upload is complete.

Due to API throttling limits imposed by Mixcloud, some items may take longer to upload when performing bulk uploads (over five items). In this scenario, Timbre will upload as many items as permitted in batches that can be managed by the Mixcloud API.

Unlinking/Deleting Items

If you wish to remove the association of a Timbre item from Mixcloud you must unlink it. To do this, remove any Mixcloud Tags from the item, select the item on the items page and click Mixcloud -> Unlink.

Once this is done, any edits made to the items in Timbre will not be applied to the associated Mixcloud Uploads. You must also unlink the Item if you wish to delete the associated upload from Mixcloud to prevent Timbre from attempting to reupload it.

To delete an upload from Mixcloud, you must do this from Mixcloud itself. This is due to limitations imposed by Mixcloud’s API. Deleting an item in Timbre will not delete the associated upload.

Email Reports (BETA)

To check the status of your linked Mixcloud items,  head to preferences -> other settings -> Mixcloud and click “Send a Report (BETA)”.

Deauthorising Mixcloud

Should you wish to deauthorise your Mixcloud account, follow these steps:

1. Go to Preferences -> Other Settings -> Mixcloud -> View Mixcloud Account and click "Deauthorise"


2. Once confirmed, visit and deauthorise the Timbre app from Mixcloud to stop Timbre from attempting to reauthorise.

3. Deauthorisation is now complete. You may now authorise a different Mixcloud account on Timbre.

If you add another Mixcloud account and wish to reupload items that were previously uploaded via the old Mixcloud account you must relink them (unlink and reupload).