Uploader profiles allow you to apply custom settings to a particular Uploader user, granting permissions to the uploader to approve the audio themselves and quick-creating Items automatically.

Creating an uploader profile:

To create an uploader profile head to preferences -> other settingsĀ -> manage uploader profiles (beta)

Click "+ New Profile":

You will see the following form where you can configure profile settings:

Profile NameThis is an identifier for when you create future uploader profiles so you know which profile settings you are applying to the Uploader user.
Item Name Structure
This will dictate the Item name of approved assets

You can use placeholders to automate the Item titling based on the name of the audio asset uploaded, the date of upload, or for which customer the uploader is associated.
Item Description StructureThis Will dictate the description associated with items approved by the uploader user.

As above, placeholders can be used to automate description elements based on the uploaded asset.
ArtworkThis sets the default artwork associated with the approved item.
Item TagsThis sets the default tags associated with the approved item.

Approval RequiredWhen unselected, Uploaders with this Profile setting can approve their own asset uploads.
PublishedThis will determine whether approved items are published or unpublished upon upload.
Publish delayThis will delay publish time by the selected amount after the asset has been approved
Publish DurationThis will set a default duration for item publishing

The example output will give you an Idea of what to expect from assets uploaded from users with this profile config.

When you are happy with the profile config, click "Save Profile".

You can now recall these profile settings when creating an uploader user: