This article will look at Email Reports and how you can create various reports to suit your reporting needs. You can create as many reports as you need in Analytics. Once you've created your first report you can start compiling the next report while waiting for the first report to run. Additional reports will be added to the queue for processing. 


Step 1: Click on Create

From the Email Reports page, you can create a new report by clicking on the 'Create' button. Next, give your report a name and specify 'station-stats' under Type. If you are generating a large report you can opt to receive an email notification once it is compiled rather than waiting. Click on 'Next' when you're ready.

Step 2: Build your Report

This step allows us to specify the dimensions, metrics, date range and filters that we need in the report. 


Under Dimensions, you can specify the date range granularity and other fields to include such as station, country, platform and device. 

You can only select one option for date range granularity (hour, day, week, month, year).


Under Metrics, you can select which metrics to include in your report against the specified Dimensions, such as Total Listening Hours, Active Sessions and Session Durations.

In the email report there are additional metrics available and shown below along with the metrics previously mentioned:

Total Listening Hours (TLH)Session duration more than 60 seconds intersected with the selected interval for reporting
Time Spent Listening (TSL)Session duration crossing the selected interval for reporting
Total SessionsAll session, no filter applied
Sessions StartedSessions of at least 1 second in duration
Active SessionsSessions of at least 60 seconds in duration
Session DurationThe total length/duration for a session that starts in the selected interval for reporting
Active Session DurationThe total length/duration for a session active more than 60 seconds that starts in the selected interval for reporting
Average Time Spent Listening (ATSL)The duration that a listener has been connected to the station based on AS
Bounce RatePercentage of listeners not reaching a streaming duration of 60 seconds
Unique UsersNumber of listeners connected with a unique IP address

ATSL is in seconds and needs to be converted to hours: ATSL/60/60

Step 3: Save & Run

Once you've selected all the dimensions and metrics needed for your report, click on 'Save and Run' to generate the report. Depending on the size of the report, it could several minutes for the report to run. You can see the status of your report under Reports: 

Once the report is complete, you will see the status change to 'finished' and you'll be able to download the report. You can also rerun the report to included updated information or delete it if no longer required. If you need to double-check any of the dimensions and metrics that make up your report, click on 'View parameters' to see what data the report contains. 

At this stage, there is no ability to schedule the reports. This has been submitted as a feature request and updates will follow. 

Analytics related to on-demand content or podcasts can be viewed in Timbre.