The Station Track List allows you to monitor the metadata information being sent with the stream. The information provided is based on the station, daypart and date range selected. More information on the metrics in this section are laid out below:

StationStations selected in the top right corner of the page
Start TimeThe time that the metadata information was received by the backend server
DurationHow long the trigger was in place before changing
ListenersThe number of listeners connected to the stream at the time the metadata information was presented
TitleTitle of the song based on the metadata field filled in
ArtistArtist of the song based on the metadata field filled in
AlbumAlbum of the song - not currently relayed

Clicking on any of the column headers allows you to sort the columns in ascending or descending order. 


  • Track Lists are not exportable. To view an export of the metadata included with your stream, please view the Encoder & Metadata Log available in Portal, or ask your Account Manager for assistance.