This article explains the metrics that are used across Timbre analytics and their conditions. 



Refers to a playlist of items. The feed can be used as a standard playlist, a live playlist (i.e streamed over the internet as a radio station), a podcast feed or a way to group items together for other purposes.


Refers to audio content uploaded to Timbre with artwork, a description and publication rules and can be used as a standalone item or as part of a feed.  


The number of times an item or feed has been accessed (to listen to or to download). This is limited to sessions that have lasted at least 60 seconds. 

Unique Reach

The number of unique listeners that have accessed an item or feed based on that listener's IP address - no filter is applied to this data. 

Listen Through Rate

The listen-through rate is the average percentage that an item has been listened to based on the total duration of the item. A higher LTR percentage indicates that, on average, more listeners consume more of the item/listen for longer than compared to a lower percentage which indicates a lower number of listeners consumed the entire item.   


Refers to an item that has been listened to separately from a feed. An example would be when an item is directly embedded onto a website. 


Refers to the platforms used to access the Item. Platform categorisation is based on how the platform identifies itself and is subject to change from time to time. 


An indication of all the countries where the Item has been accessed. These results may be influenced by VPN technologies.