Uploader Users are temporary, limited-access Timbre accounts designed for content contributors who do not need access beyond uploading audio assets to the Timbre Library. The simplified interface for uploaders reduces training time within your team or for external contributors so you can focus on what matters.


Setting up an Uploader User (for Timbre Account Admins)

If you have media contributors who need to upload content to your Timbre account you can set up a temporary "uploader" user. This grants them access to a portal where they can upload and audition audio files. 

  1. Head to Preferences -> Manage Users
  2. Navigate to the "uploaders" section and click "+ uploader user".

You will be greeted with a page where you can set up an email and password for your uploader user. You will also set an expiry date (when access to the uploader account will be deactivated) and you can set an uploader profile which grants extra permissions to approve the assets themselves and auto-create items (see Uploader Profiles).

The uploader will receive a confirmation email to the address you provided and they will need to verify their account.

Once verified, they can log in at timbrecms.sharp-stream.com/login with the set credentials and access the Timbre uploader portal.

You can view a list of active uploaders in Manage Users. To remove, deactivate or edit the uploader (including editing expiry date, username or password), click the actions button and select an option from the list.

Adding New Content (For Uploaders)

To add files as an uploader, click the Tools dropdown and select "+ Add Files" to add audio files. Uploaded files will be added to the "Pending Uploads" section of the storage media library. Once uploaded, you can preview or delete the file.

If you have an uploader profile configured with approval privileges, you can approve it at this stage to auto-create an Item.

Once an uploaded file has been approved or deleted by the Timbre Account admin, it will no longer appear in the list.

Only approved assets can be converted into Items.

Approving Uploaded Content (for Timbre Account Admins)

When uploader content is added to Timbre, it can be found in storage media under the Pending Uploads section.

Click the actions icon next to any upload to show the review options. You can check the file by clicking "listen".

If you are happy with the file, click "approve" to add the file to your active storage media library. If you wish to discard the uploaded file, click "delete". These actions result in the upload being removed from the pending uploads list and the uploads list on the Uploader accounts.