To help manage your Timbre storage you can set up a retention period. This automatic deletion process will remove old or outdated Items/Storage assets based on your preferences. 

This is a permanent removal process that cannot be reverted. If you wish to set a default unpublish date for your Items, read our help guide on default account settings.


Setting a Retention Period

To set up your retention period, head to Preferences>Other Settings (under other settings in your account preferences) and click "+ New Retention".

You will see a window that allows you to configure your retention settings.

Retention Type


Items will be removed from your library in accordance with retention settings.


Storage assets (audio files) will be removed from the storage library.

Delete Related Storage/Item

Depending on your choice of Retention type, you will get the option to delete related Storage assets (if 'Item' is chosen) or Items (If storage is chosen) of Items/storage assets being removed as part of the retention policy.

Leaving this unchecked will mean either storage assets associated with expired Items will be left unused in your storage library (if Item retention is chosen) or Items with expired storage assets will be left orphaned (if Storage retention is chosen).

Apply to Given Tags (Item only)

If you are setting up Item retention you can limit it to only apply to Items with certain tags.

This is useful if your account holds a mixture of content with different licensing restrictions (e.g. you may have catch-up content that can be deleted after seven days alongside podcasts that you want to keep indefinitely. In this case, you would attach a tag to the catch-up content and add the tag to this policy).

Choose Retention Period

Items/Assets older than this period (that fit with the above criteria) will be deleted.

Check Retention Period Against... (Item Only)

Created At

The above retention period will be based on when the Item was created, regardless of publishing dates.

Publish Date

The above retention period will be based on the publish date of the Item.


You can review your retention settings in written format at the bottom of the window. Please check that these settings are as you desire before proceeding, Items or Assets that fit the criteria of these terms will be permanently deleted.

You can set multiple retention periods on your account with different settings. You may set different retention periods for different Items based on tags, or have two different retention periods for Items and Storage Assets.