If you have an existing XML feed from another provider that you wish to import into your Timbre library, you can do this from within the Timbre feeds page. The import is broken into two steps: first, the feed structure will be imported and second, the files can be imported into the feed. 

Import Feed from XML/RSS URL

On the Feeds page, click "Import"

A dialogue box will appear, prompting you to input the feed URL. This must be a basic XML/RSS feed address.

After inputting your RSS/XML feed you can click on confirm. If your RSS/XML feed link is valid, you will be redirected to a page showing the items contained in the feed as well as their import status.

Upon completion of the import, you have the options to view your new feed, reimport items, view individual items, and view the storage asset. You will note that the new feed in Timbre has the same channel information and structure as the feed you're importing from.

We recommend you request your previous hosting provider to set up an HTTP 301 redirect on the old feed URL to the new URL generated by Timbre.

The imported feed's items will now appear in the feed's items list in Timbre. The "Created at" and "Publish" date of the imported items will be determined by the <PubDate> field from the imported feed (unpublish dates are left undefined). The order of the items will be set to "Sort by Newest" by default. This can be altered in the feed edit page.

For more information on how to change your default sorting, please visit our Feeds article.