Stitcher is a tool within Timbre that allows you to string together multiple storage assets to create a new media file, this is useful for creating highlights packages or if you're manually uploading a show that has been separated into parts.


Using Stitcher

Beta -> Stitcher

Selecting Assets

To get started with Stitcher, select the media files you wish to stitch together and add them to the editor. To do this click the "+add" button next to any of your listed assets. You can search for assets in the filter dropdown.

Your selected assets will now appear in the editor. If you select files of differing bitrates, your "stitched" file will be bounced in the lowest bitrate selected: 

Ordering Assets

To rearrange the order of the assets, hover over the asset you wish to move, this will reveal the following options: 

Reorder asset
Remove asset

To reorder the asset click the reorder button and drag the item to the desired position.

If you'd prefer to view the items as a vertical ordered list, toggle the selection view:

List view:

Reorder the assets using the "hamburger" icons to the left of each asset's name. Remove an asset by clicking the "x". 

Adding Silence

If you wish to add silence in between any of your assets, select the length of the silence you wish to add in the add silence section (in hh:mm:ss) and click "+ Add Silence". This will add a silence file into your editor where reorder it to the desired point:

Finalising your selections

When you are happy with the order of your assets-to-be-stitched. Give your new file a name and click "Stitch Files":

You will see the following notification confirming stitching is in progress:

Allow a few minutes for your new asset to be created. Then check your storage media library where you will be able to listen to your new file. 

Now try creating an Item with your new stitched asset!