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Scheduler is a hub for all your stream recordings. Here, you can schedule one-off recordings or if their is a regular show on your stations 

Scheduler allows you to make one-off or recurring recordings of your live stream which will populate new Items in your library. You can add these Items to a feed in order to create a podcast or embed on your site for your listeners to listen on-demand.

If you are an Aiir Customer, or have an automated EPG json, speak to a member of our support team about integrating your programme schedule into Timbre.

Create a New Scheduled Event:

  1. Head to Scheduler from the Timbre sidebar:
  2. Click New Event
  3. Populate the details of the show you would like to record making sure you select the correct source stream that the show is broadcast on. 
    Event Properties: 


    This will populate the Description property of any recorded Items from this scheduler event. Select an image from your library

    Event Name 

    This will populate the Title property of any recorded Items from this scheduler event.

    Source Stream

    Choose the stream you would like to record, If you cannot see your stream in the list, contact our support team.


    This will populate the Description property of any recorded Items from this scheduler event.

    Event Tags

    This will populate the tag property of any recorded Items from this scheduler event. 

  4. Select the recording time(s) of the scheduler event and add publishing instructions.

        Event Scheduling/Publishing properties:

Event Type

This can be One-Off or Recurring. One-Off is applicable special broadcasts or events that may be happening on your stream. Recurring is tailored towards automating recording for regular shows, (daily or weekly).

Event Start/End

The start/end date and time of your first scheduled recording.*

Frequency (Recurring events only) 

This is where you set the recurrence of the recording, It will take the time information of your first recording and apply it to a daily or weekly schedule.

If you select weekly, then you can select particular days you would like the recording to run, based on the scheduling of the programme. (this is especially useful for shows that run through the weekdays but not weekends or vice versa) 

Recur from/Recur until (Recurring events only) 

Select a time period you would like these automated dates to run for. The scheduler will stop making recordings once the "recur until" date has passed

Publish Delay (Recurring events only) 

You can delay the publishing of the content for x Days:Hours:Mins:Secs after the recording has finished. This is useful if you wish to audit the recorded Item before it is uploaded for on-demand listening to the public.

Publish Duration (Recurring events only) 

This decides how long an Item is published for after the Item has recorded.

Publish Start/Stop (One-Off events only) 

If you have selected a One-Off event you simply have the option of adding a publish start stop time.

*NOTE: Event times are subject to the timezone your account is set to, you can change your timezone in Settings->Scheduler->Timezone.

5. Click Save Event


You have now created a scheduled event! View the event details in your Scheduler List. Items created as a result of your recordings will appear in your Items library once the recording is complete.

Editing Events:

If you wish to edit an existing scheduler event, view our Editing Scheduler Events help page.

Scheduler Defaults:

If you wish to change the default publish duration or modify the global offset of your scheduled events (to account for any delay-to-stream) you can modify these values in your timbre preferences. View "Timbre: Select Default Preferences / Set Timezonefor more information.