Chapters allow you to indicate key points in your longform content to make it easy for your listeners to navigate to moments of interest and provides greater insight into the audio they are listening to.

Add Chapters

Items -> Edit Item -> Chapter Markers -> Edit Chapters

To add chapters to an item, head to the chapter markers dropdown on the edit page for that item. Click "Edit Chapters"

The edit chapters page shows two waveforms of your content. The bottom waveform shows the entire audio file, the top shows the zoomed view. You can change the zoomed view using the zoom level slider (maximum value shows full waveform). You can listen to the audio by clicking the play button. The file will play from the black marker, click any point in the waveform to move the playback marker.

To set a chapter marker, click on a point on the waveform and click "+ Add marker":

A line with a black box will appear on your waveform, This denotes the position of your Chapter Marker:

To add a name and description to this marker, head down the page to the "Chapter markers" panel:

The play button will playback the audio from the marker time so you can check that it's correct. The trash button will remove the marker. 

You can repeat this process to add as many chapters as you need.

When you are happy with your changes, click save to save your changes, then click "preview" to see view the Timbre player for the item. The markers will appear as dots below the progress bar/waveform. Hovering over the chapter will reveal its name (pictured), clicking will continue playback from the marker’s position.