Item is the term used in Timbre for content that can contain an audio file from media storage, an image, title, description, tags and publishing information. This content can then be accessed by your listeners through app integrations, RSS Feed (See Feeds) or a Timbre Player embed.


Step 1: Navigate to the Items page

Step 2: Select “+ New Item”

A pop-up form will appear allowing you to specify the audio asset you wish to add to the new item and options to customise the item.

Step 3: Add Storage Asset

Select an asset from your storage using the dropdown or upload a new asset from your device by clicking "+ Add File".

Step 4: Customise Item Fields

Name (Mandatory)

This will reflect as the title of the content if you embed it and populate the <name> field of the item in an RSS feed (if the Item is used in a feed)


A brief synopsis of the Item's content.


Choose whether the item is immediately published (publicly accessible) upon creation. Scheduled publish times will override this value.


The “downloadable” toggle allows listeners to download the audio file via Timbre Player. This will not prevent users from downloading your items for offline listening if shared via third-party podcast clients (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.) or RSS readers.

Publish From/Until

Schedule dates between which the Item will be published (these options are available when the "Schedule Publish Dates" checkbox is selected)


Choose an image from your artwork library to accompany your Item or upload a new image from your device

You can set this to appear alongside the media asset and metadata in the player.

Item Tags

Add tags to help sort your items in Timbre.

Click Create to add the Item to your library. Click Create & View to add the Item to your library and view its edit page to make further changes (add chapters, add to feed, view embed settings, etc.). Tip: the former option is recommended if you are looking to create many items, as you won't get redirected each time.

Once your Item is created, you have the option to add Chapter Markers (See Chapters) and assign the item to a feed (see Feeds). You can access these options by clicking "edit" next to the Item on the Items page.

Click the respective drop-downs to access these options.

You can also edit episode details if this item is to be used in a Feed. By default, the item will inherit these details from the feed information (see Feeds for more information).

Tip: You can also duplicate items (this is useful if you wish to have the same content on separate feeds with different details or publish times). Simply click the “duplicate” button in the top right corner of the edit item page.


Third-Party Integrations

If you are making use of a third-party integration such as Aiir, there is one additional step involved when restoring items that are intended to pull through to your website with these integrations.

Step 1:

From the Items Page, select the item(s) you have created using the multi-select tool as shown below. With your item(s) selected, you will see additional editing options for those items. Click on "Set as Recording" and ensure that a green success message has appeared. 


Step 2:

You can now click on Edit for each of your selected items to individually change the broadcast start and end dates as needed.