This article outlines how to search and filter items on your items page in Timbre to efficiently manage your content


Searching and Filtering

To search for an item or items in your list you can use filters. Click the filters dropdown to access filtering options.

Filter Options

Orphaned Status

Filter items whose associated media file is missing/deleted.


Search item by name.


Filter out unpublished/published items 

Search feeds

Display only items contained within a particular feed


Filter out archived or unarchived Items (see Archive/Unarchive in Item Actions)


Search for files by description contents.

Search tags

Display items matching the selected tag(s)

Column customisation

You can customise the display of your items list by removing any table columns that are unnecessary for your workflow. To do this simply click on the column dropdown and deselect any columns you wish to hide.

You can quickly edit the Name, Description, Publish Status and Tag fields for a particular item by clicking the edit icon in any of the table cells.