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To optimise Timbre to suit your workflows, you can set custom default settings for your Feeds, Items, Quick Recordings, and Scheduler.


     Recording Defaults:

Preferences -> Other Settings -> Defaults Configuration -> Scheduler Defaults

Set the default time for any quick recordings you take from the dashboard or scheduler page.

Scheduler Templates/Defaults:


Preferences -> Other Settings -> Manage Schedule Templates 

If you have set any templates for creating scheduled events (See Timbre Scheduler) you can view them and edit them here. To modify a template's defaults, click "Edit" next to its listing. This will take you to a new page where you can modify any of the default fields, when you are happy with your changes, click "Save Changes"

Scheduler Defaults:

Preferences -> Other Settings -> Defaults Configuration -> Scheduler Defaults

Scheduler defaults allow you to adjust the default publish duration and recording offset of recordings taken from you stream using the Timbre User Interface or a 3rd party EPG.

Default publish times and offsets are managed seperately for 3rd party recordings and UI recordings, ensure you adjust the correct values for your setup.

Global Schedular Publish duration: This sets the default time that an Item is published for after recording (e.g. a value of 7 days will mean that your recording will be publicly available for a week after the recording end time this can be adjusted for any item after the recording is finished in "edit item").

Global Scheduler Offset: this can be used to account for any lag or delay from your stream. (If you had a scheduled recording between 15:00 and 16:00, for example, an offset value of 1 minute would fire the recording from 15:01 to 16:01). 

Important note: Once you have set the desired offset in preferences, you will need to make a change in your 3rd Party Scheduler (e.g. Aiir) to force a recache and apply the offset. This change can be as simple as making a small change to an item's description.  

Once the change has been made and the recache has been forced, you will see the updated scheduled times in 1-7 min in the Timbre Scheduler Event Start and Event End times. You can use the Refresh button on the Calendar page to see if the times have updated.

Feed Defaults:

Preferences -> Other Settings -> Defaults Configuration -> Feed Defaults

Set the default Feed owner name and email address to appear in your XML feeds. 

Item Defaults:

Preferences -> Other Settings -> Defaults Configuration -> Feed Defaults

Toggle the “downloadable” and “published” settings to change the default state of new items as specified (these settings can still be adjusted for individual Items).

Set the default copyright information for your items, this is reflected in an Item's metadata and XML feeds.

Timezone Selection:

Preferences -> Other Settings -> Defaults Configuration -> User Overrides

Select your timezone for scheduler and publishing activity (If this is not set, this value auto-defaults to your current location).