To create a podcast that you can distribute on platforms like iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn, you will need to create an iTunes-compatible RSS Feed. This is a universally-accessible XML file that provides these services with the data needed to show your podcast, including the show names, dates, artwork and most importantly, the audio files. This help guide will show you how to generate this feed from the Platform UI.


Create a new Feed.

All your <channel> parameters can be configured in the Feeds page on Portal. This is the where the podcast title, description and provider details can be customised. Click on the feeds icon and select "+ new feed".

You will be met with a page of dialogue boxes, each corresponding to a <channel> parameter. Not all fields are required to create a valid RSS feed but ensure the fields marked with a red asterisk are completed (you can test the validation of your feed later and edit the fields as necessary). 

If you are unsure what to put in the fields, view this guide to channel parameters on iTunes has some strict specifications for the certain parameters, particularly images. View these in full on

When you have created the feed, Platform will generate a 3-digit Pod ID. make a note of this for the next step...

Create a playlist

To populate your feed with audio content, you will now need to create a simple playlist for each of your podcasts. Head to Playlists and click "add new". 

You can change the Title and description for your own reference. If you add a tag to the playlist any item with a matching tag will automatically be added to the playlist.

Finally, and most importantly, attach the Pod ID. This is the 3 digit number you made a note of in step 1. This will prepend information from the feed you created to your playlist's RSS feed, which you will use to export your podcast.

Add your Items

If you have not yet added your Items to Platform, watch our tutorial on how to do so.

Select the items you want to add to your feed and add them to the appropriate playlist. 

1. select the checkbox that appears next to each Item you want to add. 

2. click the playlist dropdown

3. select the playlist(s) you would like to add the item(s) to

4. click the verify button.

Export your RSS Feed

The last step is to locate the feed in the playlists page. Head to playlists, click on the "more information" dropdown on the podcast playlist you want to export and click "XML Feed".

This will open your RSS feed in a new tab. The url is the link you can use to share your podcast feed with whichever third party service you please.