Ingest log is where you can monitor the real-time connection between your encoder and our ingest server. You can use ingest log to diagnose any suspected outages or metadata issues.

Ingest log for all mounts

When you load up ingest log you will see a list of log lines. These indicate either information (INFO) or warnings (WARN). Information could relate to new connections to the stream, metadata changes, or successful encoder connection. Warnings indicate encoder disconnections/instability, attempted connections from other encoders, and any potential faults on the ingest. If your stream is silent but ingest log is indicating a stable connection, this implies that there is silence going into the encoder.

The logs are ordered so the newest logs appear at the bottom of the front page. Auto-scrolling is enabled by default to always show the newest results. To disable this, click the auto-scrolling checkbox in the bottom right corner.  To search through older logs, click through the pages indicated at the bottom of the window. 


You can filter logs alphanumerically in the search bar in the top right corner. This is handy for searching specific metadata changes, focussing in on warning logs and searching for specific times.


You can export the logs as a .log file (which can be read in any text editor) for your records. The export will display the logs as they appear on the page you are on.

Detailed View

The ingest log filters out certain lines by default to aid faster page loading and quicker troubleshooting. If you wish to see all of the logs, click on the “Detailed” checkbox. (detailed mode may cause slow loading and reduce the number of backdated logs that are returned)

Playout log for Premium Mounts

If you have a premium stream with us, the ingest log will have an extra tab which monitors playout data. This is for diagnosing your encoder connections separately from the liquidsoap feed if the stream is not delivering the content you expect. If your ingest tab is reporting as connected, but the feed from your encoder is not playing out, the playout tab will indicate whether this encoder is connected or not. If the ingest tab is indicating that your encoder is connected and the expected content is not playing out this likely means that the audio level on your live stream is too quiet. 


Playout tab for Premium Mounts, sections in this image are redacted for security.

To close ingest log, simply click the red close button in the bottom right corner of the window.