When your stream is connected you'll need a listen link to share your content with your listeners, and perhaps to send to third-party apps and sites such as TuneIn and RadioPlayer.

We recommend using a "listen-" link, which we can customise for your station. This link will look something like the link below (where the sections in red are replaced with your own station/mount information):


In light of recent updates to Chrome that prevent mixed content on webpages, it is best practice to use our "listen-" link with https to ensure compatibility with most sites. If you have set up a custom DNS (which doesn't include "sharp-stream.com") you may experience difficulties with mixed ssl certificates, we would strongly advise to revert to a "listen-" link instead.

If you have joined us recently, you will have received this link from the agent that set your account up.

If you are using a listen link that looks different to the one above, or have any questions about the links you are using to stream with, please contact support@sharp-stream.com or raise a new ticket on our support portal. Our agents will be happy to assist.