*This definition is in specific reference to our on-demand content manager, Platform*

Item is the term used in Platform for content that can contains a media file (audio), an image, title, description, tags and publishing information. This bundle of information is what gets consumed by your listeners when they access your on-demand content.

Below is an example of an item and its constituent parts as it appears in the Platform items list.

Property NameDefinition
Show IDA six-digit, unique identifier that is referenced in the URL for any given Item as the show_id query - clicking this number will direct you to the listener-facing Item URL. (http://platform.sharp-stream.com/client.php?client_id=176&show_id=549041)
Item TypeThis is indicates the nature of the item's creation. If you load a file from your disk to a Platform item, this would be marked as an "Upload" If it is an item is recorded from a scheduled recording instance in "Scheduler" this will be marked as a "Recording".
ImageImage asset associated with the Item.
TitleThe Item title equates to the <name> field for an item in an RSS Feed.

Media FileThe associated audio file to the item (either uploaded from your local disk or generated recording from your stream).
Chapter IDIdentifier relating to the timestamped chapter markers within the content.
Publish/Unpublish Date
Publishing dictates the timeframe when your item is publicly visible. Unless your item has been manually unpublished, if the current date is within the publish and unpublish date, your item will be publicly accessible.
Publish StatusThis is a glanceable indicator depicting the visibility of the item. An eye indicates that the item is published/publicly accessible. A crossed-out eye indicates that the item is unpublished (publicly inaccessible). A clock indicates that the item is unpublished but scheduled for publishing in future and a warning indicator denotes that the item has been manually published/unpublished, overriding the pre-established publish dates.
Upload DateThe date/time the Item was first created.
Last UpdatedThe date/time of the last update to any of the item properties.