The Ingest Log is where you can view the live communications between your encoder and our server, it can be accessed in your stream page on Portal. It shows a list of actions that have been performed by the server, and updates its status when there is a disconnection or connection from your encoder, a metadata change or a new listener.

Logs will be structured as follows:


Below are examples of some of the typical messages you might see:

Listener Count change:

[2019-10-15  07:30:00] INFO source/source_read listener count on /sharpstreamradio.mp3 now 4

Metadata change:

[2019-10-15  07:30:00] INFO admin/command_metadata Metadata song on /sharpstreamradio.mp3 set to "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)"


[2019-10-15  07:30:00] WARN source/source_read Nothing received on /sharpstreamradio.mp3 for 3 seconds
[2019-10-15  07:30:03] WARN fserve/fserve_client_create req for file "/usr/local/share/icecast/web/sharpstreamradio.mp3" No such file or directory