In this guide, we'll take a look at the various elements that make up the Stream Page. All the information on the Stream Page is singular to a specific stream.


Stream Information

In this section, you will find all the information you need to check the health status of your stream and distribute your stream to audiences. 

Source statuses

Indicates the status of the stream received at the ingest. Check out this article to better understand the meaning of these statuses.

This is the link to use to distribute your stream. This link is secure and load-balanced and ensures maximum protection for your streaming audiences should a disruption occur.

Total Listeners

Total listeners on this stream only.

Incidents This Month

Provides the iframe code that will provide an embeddable player to use on your websites.

Embed Player

Total incidents that occurred on this stream only this month.

Metadata On Ingress

The metadata that is currently being received on the ingest.

Click To Listen

Here you can monitor the audio being received on the ingest as well as what is being distributed to your audiences via the edges. If you are contributing to multiple ingests, you will have the ability to monitor them individually.

Stream Statistics 

The stats shown on this page is limited to this stream only. You have the ability to watch listeners come and go via the Live Data graph while the Historical Data graph will provide information on connection trends over a specified period.

Encoder Settings

Here you will find the information required to start contributing from your encoder to the SharpStream ingests. If you are contributing to two ingests, you will see the encoder settings for the second ingest here as well. 

To review the password set for the ingest, click on the eye icon next to Password. 

Edit Stream

Here you are able to change some details on your stream, such as the stream name, mount name and DNS record.

Change Station

Should the particular stream need to be associated with a different station, the Change Station button will allow you to correct this.

Encoder & Metadata Log

The Encoder and Metadata log shows you the information contained in the logs processed by SharpStream's servers that can assist in debugging or confidence checking. For example, ad triggers will pull through as metadata in the logs and can be of assistance in confidence checking your monetisation setup. In the event of a disruption, you can filter for "Warn" messages in the Encoder and Metadata log to assist with debugging.